Essential services web sites
This page provides links to other sites on the Internet. The first 2 in the list are presentation videos. The last link is to a website that presents an audio of Robert Kiyosaki talking about "THE Industry of the 21st Century".

1.  Click here for "Paid on Bills". This is an excellent video prepared for the Australian scene. It runs for 6 minutes. It was produced by an executive holding the most senior position that is possible with the company. This position was achieved within 6 years of starting.

2.  This link shows an 11 minute presentation of the Opportunity. See how you can operate your own personal online store of essential services as a key part of the Opportunity. The presentation is at Joy's and Barrie's web page at the site of the essential services provider. At that page click on the 'Videos' icon in the bottom row. At the following page you will need to select the video you wish to view. Click on   "... Business Opportunity Presentation" (choose High or Low density).

3.  Click here to go to Joy's and Barrie's online store of the products offered by the essential services provider.

4.  This link goes to the web site that highlights our company's commitment to integrity. The company's legal committee is described and there are a number of legal articles. The charitable works with Ronald McDonald house are featured. That web site is the place to see how the company operates in the real world and is a great place to start your research into the company's bona fides.

5.  This link is to a 27 minute audio presenting multi-millionaire Robert Kiyosaki of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" fame speaking about THE Industry of the 21st Century. He describes cash flow and how ordinary people have a chance to move from the employee or small business quadrants to big business or investor quadrants. Robert's presentation is longer than the others that are 1 and 2 in the list but well worth the time to listen.

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